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Winners 2016

In 2016, we honored 6 winners in 5 categories which might also be possible. The pictures are showing representatives of the companies and institutes having won the innovation award during the award ceremony.


After the laudatory speeches, Ilse Aigner, Minister for Economics and Media and Deputy State Premier of Bavaria, honored the winners of the bauma innovation awards.

preistraeger16 maschine

Category 1 | Machinery

5055e, the first fully electric loader with all-wheel steering
Kramer-Werke GmbH

CO2 emissions, noise and soot particles from diesel engines are a thing of the past: the Kramer 5055e is the first fully electric, all-wheel steering loader. What is new is the cost-efficient and, above all, emission-free electrical drive which permits work to be carried out in buildings and noise-sensitive areas. Depending on the area of work involved, the loader has a battery capacity sufficient to last for up to 6 hours of operation.
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preistraeger16 komponente

Category 2 | Components

SONO Water-Cement Analyzer
Imko GmbH

With its revolutionary patented, radar-based measuring technique, the SONO Water-Cement Analyzer enables the water content of fresh concrete to be measured for the first time in a fast and reliable way and ensures that subsequent problems with concrete buildings are avoided. A correct water-cement ratio is a decisive factor for long-life concrete in terms of its workability, compressive strength, load-bearing capacity, frost-resistance, shrinkage and other important factors.
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preistraeger16 bauwerk

Category 3 | Construction Process/Construction Work

New method for reinforcing steel bridges in need of repair
Leonhard Weiss GmbH Co KG

A number of steel bridges were built in the 1970s and 80s that can no longer meet the current or future useful load requirements. Some of these constructions will therefore need to be replaced within the next few years. However, thanks to an innovative new building method, carried out for the first time as a pilot project by Leonhard Weiss, in cooperation with Contec and Bolidt, it will at least be possible to repair and maintain some of these bridges, thus dispensing with the need to build some of the expensive new bridges. This will help to avoid high-cost bridge demolitions and the construction of replacement bridges as well as the need for complicated and prolonged traffic diversions.
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preistraeger16 forschung

Category 4 | Research

Concrete 3D Printing Technology
TU Dresden, Professur für Baumaschinen, Institut für Baustoffe, Institut für Baubetriebswesen

Additive manufacturing processes have now been applied to the construction sector by means of the 3D Concrete Printing project. Through the layer-by-layer application of special fast-setting concrete by means of a printing device, it is now possible to directly create complete building structures on the building site. The large-capacity manipulator for positioning the print head is based on conventional machine concepts. Formwork is dispensed with, which helps to optimise the use of material and human resources.

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preistraeger16 design

Category 5 | Design

Concept Cab – The Future Genius
TU Dresden


Mecalac MWR
Mecalac France

Concept Cab – The Future Genius
The Genius Cab is the result of an intelligent combination of new OEM developments of independent, innovation-driven suppliers. The advantages of each installed component are precisely dovetailed with the added value of the others and specifically tailored to the machine operator’s requirements. The newly designed, user-friendly work environment and innovative HMI assistance ensures maximum convenience and process awareness.

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Mecalac MWR
Mecalac raises stability and safety on wheeled excavators by overtaking a telescopic handler low center of gravity architecture associated to an extremely simplified user interface. The design underlines the major specificity: the stability by „connecting” the whole machine to the ground. The work on secondary lines and shapes enhances the strong feeling of mobility and dynamism of this machine. External and internal designs are a pure expression of functionality and user-orientation.
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